Range of Products

We have a significant range of products for almost every industry from Oilfield to Marine. At SWS we take a holistic approach to your equipment and help you prevent problems from happening instead of having to fixing them when they are broken down, costing you money by the minute.

Oil Sludge Cleanout

Our plant based Solvent can liquefy any type of crude oil sludge and keep it in a pumpable state, cutting your cleaning time and allowing you to use less water as well. Works great in Tank and Rail Car cleanout too.

Lifeguard Rust Primer

2% VOC Waterbourne Acrylic Copolymer with Natural Tannins to Convert Iron Oxide to Iron Tannate and Proprietary Binders for Long Lasting Barrier Coat Protection


We are constantly working in the lab and field to ensure our products not only exceed your expectations as a customer, but are continually on the cutting edge of technology.

Would you like to place an order or have questions about the products we carry? Simply give us a call on 832-948-9235 832-948-9235 or use our contact form. Our friendly and professional team will make sure that you get the proper answers that you seek.

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