Rob Shore Jr.




  We lost a member of our family on February 26, 2013. Rob Shore Jr. lost his lifelong fight with Cystic Fibrosis, a disease that most people don't know much about. What I do know is that people born with CF basically are living on a clock and there is nothing that they can do to change that.


We only had Rob with us for a short time, but he made us realize that nothing should ever be taken for granted, Life is too short and we need to make the most of every moment. That's exactly how he lived his life and that's one of the reasons he meant so much to us here at SouthWest Services.. 


In an effort to help out the thousands struggling with Cystic Fibrosis we are going to donate part of the Lifeguard sales to the Boomer Esiason Foundation. Boomer has raised over 100 million dollars to help fight Cystic Fibrosis and if you want to get involved please visit their website at



Live Like Rob


His family and friends had a celebration of Rob's life on his birthday July 26th 2013 and this party has become an annual event. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or attending please visit the facebook page that has been set up for the event. We all appriciate anything that you can do.



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