Soil & Sand Remediation

Through its unique chemistry and the benefits derived from nanoscale technology, SouthWest Services produces proprietary, environmentally friendly formulations designed to separate and capture crude oil from soil, sand and water contaminated by accidental spills and releases, or through routine oil exploration and production activities.

Our green product formulations are comprised of plant-based derivatives and food grade liquids, resulting in cleansers that are non-caustic, fully biodegradable and much safer for company personnel to use. All products developed and manufactured by SouthWest Services have been tested by an extensive team of scientists and meet or exceed the toughest local, state and U.S. federal regulatory and environmental standards and requirements.


About Our Product

SWS Cleanse83 desorbs surface contaminants, allowing oil molecules to be separated in an emulsion and collected as a liquid. We have had noteworthy success removing hydrocarbon products from beach sand after oil spills, such as the BP Deepwater Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico. Among SWS C83 unique attributes is its ability to clean the sand in minutes with minimal product and water, and to discharge the clean sand instantly. Unlike other methods of remediation, the SWS C83 process completely removes the hydrocarbons and organochlorides from sand or soil, which can be returned to the beach or land staging areas rather than to landfills. Additionally, water recovered from our cleaning process meets agriculture industry standards and can be re-used in most operations.


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Oil Sands

Crude Oil Separation

Clean Sand after 4 minutes


Currently, the U.S. petroleum industry faces serious concerns regarding the disposal of wastes:

  • Based on geography, water can often be costly to obtain and in short supply
  • Inability to recycle and reuse water
  • Significant cost and potential legal liability of transporting and disposing of hazardous waste
  • Possible cradle-to-grave responsibility of depositing hazardous waste at disposal sites

SouthWest Services can solve these problems cost effectively by eliminating the waste on site and recycling the water for continual re-use.

SWS Cleanse’s unique features and applications:
Desorption – releases all oil from any surface

  • Cleans oil from beach sand
  • Cleans oil from soils; i.e. oil spills
  • Separates crude from sludge in storage tanks
  • Separates crude from tar sands
  • Separates crude from drill cuttings
  • Permeates deeper and farther than water alone
  • Meets/or exceeds all the requirements set forth by the TCEQ, FDEP and is CFR 21 approved

Crude Recovery – after the desorption process, crude oil can be recovered via skimmer or separator.

Water Tension – SWS C83 can lower the dyne to >55 at 25°C (77°F). The dyne per centimeter is the unit traditionally associated with measuring surface tension of water. For example, the surface tension of distilled water is 72 dyne/cm at 25 °C (77 °F); Low dyne is important to allow hyper-wetting, penetration, mobility of the contaminate or crude and from the destruction of clay layers.



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