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Tandem application of SWS Solve and SWS Cleanse offers cost-effective, industry disruptive cleaning performance while eliminating collection and disposal of hazardous runoff.  


The unrivaled cleaning power produced by the 2-step application of SWS Solve followed by SWS Cleanse provides the petroleum industry with one of the easiest, safest, cost efficient and effective green cleaning system. SouthWest Services cleaning products quickly and effortlessly cut through and dissolve thick, caked-on oil deposits from frac tanks, rig equipment, hoses, storage tanks and other oilfield equipment while dramatically reducing labor costs. We can also eliminate the environmental concerns associated with the collection and disposal of oil byproduct and caustic cleaning fluids.

SouthWest Services products are blended with plant-based constituents, making them safe, non-toxic and biodegradable within days of application. SWS Solve and SWS Cleanse significantly surpass the performance and cost-effectiveness of certain tested competitive products purporting to be green.

Furthermore, toxicology test results in the field have shown SouthWest Services cleansing formulations and associated application runoff typically produce “non-detect” readings, establishing a new performance standard that E&P and oilfield service companies can rely upon when aiming to comply with or exceed the stringent environmental, industrial and regulatory standards required in today’s oilfield operations.

Customers who have used SWS Solve and SWS Cleanse for the first time are incredibly excited about the overall results produced by SouthWest Services two-step cleaning process. An operations support supervisor with a large Environmental Services Company, said, “We’ve seen a 60% reduction in the time it takes to clean storage tanks. That’s a major benefit for our customers as it allows them to put storage tanks back in service much faster, not to mention the savings we realize by cutting labor time in half.”



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